View Full Version : Any decent 2 player games for PS3?

02-07-08, 05:22 AM
After much consideration, I've decided to pick up a PS3 for my next gen gaming needs. Question is, what games can I pick up that are really good where 2 players can play on one ps3 on one tv?

02-07-08, 09:19 AM
PixelJunk Monster

02-07-08, 11:54 AM
Yep... Resistance and Rainbow Six co-op are awesome... Super Stardust HD has a co-op mode as well, and that game is great.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance should be super cheap and has co-op...

02-10-08, 09:09 AM
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to pick up the eye of judgement ps3 bundle next week... along with Resistance and Warhawk. I'm tempted by R6 but have played the PC version to death (one of my fav games). But from what I read, R6 2 should have co-op as well.