View Full Version : Dell precesion 690 with nVIDIA 8800 GTX, Doable or not?

02-07-08, 05:42 AM

I'm eying to use a Dell workstation "Dell precision 690" with nVIDIA 8800 GTX graphics card for a development project. Find the link for workstation specification as below.


have a look at the PCI slots and other information required for graphics card...

********** I need one 16X and two 8X PCIe slots **********

Can we discuss the feasibility of this interface?? Can anyone see any constraint in using these 2 in combination?

Thanks in advance...

02-07-08, 05:43 AM
Here, Dell workstation will be used as a host machine. A linux application will be running on it which will be calling CUDA APIs. This application will provide image data to nVIDIA graphics card.

Then 8800 GTX will process that data and give it back to the host, that is, to the HP work station.

.c and .cu files will be used as host and device code files. gcc and NVCC will be the respective compiler.

Kindly tell me if any further information is required.

02-07-08, 05:49 AM
Didn't you already post this somewhere else?

Edit: Ah, yes...

02-07-08, 06:58 AM
Nope, I haven't... If u care to read the difference between the 2.

there are two different work stations I'm talking about... I need to choose one out of these 2.