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02-07-08, 07:14 PM
Looking forward the trailer!
Interstellar Marines is an FPS, sci-fi, action and adventure game with an original and unpredictable storyline featuring single and cooperative gameplay, with heavy focus on realism. Zero Point Software informed us they will be showing a playable demo of Interstellar Marines to selected publishers on the GDC.

Key features

* Singleplayer or up to four players cooperative
* Custom game modes featuring arcade, RPG and tactical elements
* Captivating storyline with heavy focus on realism
* Advanced weapons simulation
* Randomized and non-linear gameplay
* Character growth and specialization
* Fully interactive environments

Interstellar Marines, using Epic's Unreal Engine 3, is a trilogy, and aimed at the next generation PC, X360 and PS3 platforms.

02-07-08, 07:17 PM
These trilogies are a trend for this current decade, I swear.

02-07-08, 07:46 PM
Looking forward to this game for sure.

Thanks for the heads-up

02-07-08, 08:19 PM
I thought they were running their own unique engine...

02-07-08, 08:34 PM
this is going to be an Epic failure.

02-07-08, 10:01 PM
this is going to be an Epic failure.
I doubt it. The graphics wont be up to par with the likes of Crysis, I'm sure. But I'm quite optimistic about the gameplay. Ever since the first video they released (not in-game) I've been anticipating this game. I have high hopes for it. :D

02-07-08, 10:16 PM
This might be cool.

I keep thinking Republic Commando or something, maybe Doom 3/Quake 4 meets a tactical kinda thing, heh.

So is any of this footage on the site in game? IM Site (http://www.interstellarmarines.com/trailer_mov.php)

If thats Duke Nukem doing the prologue, you know its gonna be a hit! :p

Epic must be making a mint with all this licensing of this engine.

02-08-08, 03:33 AM
Reminds me of Charlie's Angels...

bob saget
02-08-08, 03:36 AM
is it just me, or are those guys really short looking? :p

02-08-08, 04:10 AM
hmm..i dunno..for some odd reason that shot looks a bit gay..

02-08-08, 05:16 AM

02-08-08, 08:42 AM
It's about time some new info on this game emerged. Last time I head anything about it was two years ago!

Here's game site with the old trailer: http://www.interstellarmarines.com/

06-09-09, 10:36 PM
Searching for any tiny bits of news on this game i came upon this photosession trailer .. dunno if it has been seen before!

lol@ the bloopers :lol:

06-10-09, 02:00 AM
man, i totally forgot about this one! good to know it's still in development. looks pretty good.

06-10-09, 02:40 AM
This sounds interesting.

I like their method of preordering on the website too.

Its pretty unique and the price is great.

06-10-09, 08:34 AM
Interesting, I really want to play this game at the moment cause I am rewatching my Space Above and Beyond DVDs :).

07-16-09, 02:59 PM
Interstellar Marines Developer Files for Bankruptcy

Bad news :(

Zero Point Software's financier Gert Haar-Jorgensen revealed that the studio has laid off all of its employees and filed for bankruptcy. However, the company name, the IP and all IM code belongs to (and is protected by) a holding company, and will be revived as soon as the restructuring has taken place.

07-17-09, 11:19 PM

somewhere off in the distance, I hear keyboard cat warming up...

07-18-09, 12:41 AM
Was this game ever anything more than vaporware? All I saw is a pre-rendered clip... No actual gameplay footage was ever released... Not even screenshots AFAIK...

07-18-09, 12:56 AM
Was this game ever anything more than vaporware? All I saw is a pre-rendered clip... No actual gameplay footage was ever released... Not even screenshots AFAIK...

07-18-09, 01:06 AM
copyright 2007 on the pic... this is vapourware...

07-18-09, 01:45 AM
Holy crap, that sucks.

I wonder what happened to all of the pre-orders. :o

07-18-09, 04:49 AM

That's still not a gameplay clip. Similar to what Vantage does, a movie using a graphics engine... That's hardly an excuse to call this "game" anything else than vaporware. The Bitboys displayed their "technology" in a similar manner...