View Full Version : Which Will Become the New 3D Card Benchmarking Standard: Doom III or Half Life 2?

04-25-03, 01:58 AM
Looks like the old Q3 benchmarks will become a thing of the past once these two hot new titles hit.

Based on the screenshots of HL2 and Valve's comment on how you'll need a high-end card and 2 gig system to run it with everything maxed out, it sounds as if it could give Carmack's Doom III a run as the benchmarking standard.

Which of these two games do you think will become the new "stress test" and benchmarking choice for graphic cards here on out and why do you think so?

Hopefully neither will be "optimized" for a particular card company so we can get a true "apples to apples" comparison of cards, like we had with Q3 (not talking driver hacks but rather developer optimizing).

04-25-03, 02:12 AM
im pretty sure its still doom3... i think half life will have the advantage on cpu benchies because of the physics and impressive ai... half life is trying to be scalable, while the doom3 engine is pretty much targeting the high end.

doom3 has the bumpmapping, the shadows... all heavily system dependent.

04-25-03, 03:02 AM
the new aquamarl thinger should be quite interesting as well... considering it is an actual game engine which so many people clammored for when the futuremark product dropped...

dx9 benchmarking and reversecompatability certainly make it an interesting project...

lets see what it looks like when it drops... next month I believe is the release...

04-25-03, 08:07 AM
I don't think either will be "the" new standard, I think they'll both be great tools for getting a picture of performance. :)

I don't think it's a very good idea to have just ONE benchmarking standard, I tend to use a couple of three most of the time since they all tend to measure things a touch differently and it keeps the hardware manufacturers more honest that way. ;)

I'm planning on 3dm2k3, 1/2-2, DoomIII, & AquaNox II bench plus a few others when I gauge my systems performance, to rely on just one seems silly & bound for problems. :)

04-25-03, 04:07 PM
Definatly Doom III, as DigitalW said, its ment for high end systems.

Half Life 2 seems to have more "OMG I didnt think the AI could do that, OMG i didnt know their mouths moved" than Doom 3's '"OMG IT LOOKS REAL"


but if someone made a test where they just start spawning thousands of Half Life2 models that would be a good bench.