View Full Version : average Rock Band DLC size?

02-08-08, 01:52 PM
What's a typical file size of one of the Rock Band DLC songs?

I'm wondering if an XBox 360 with the 20GB HD is enough for me, or if I should go for the Elite (when it becomes available again) since it's cheaper to get the 120GB HD that way. I don't think I have time to play any other games other than Rock Band and GH3 on the XBox 360.

02-08-08, 01:53 PM
I think each song is around 30mb or so.

02-08-08, 02:17 PM
If you're going to download enough DLC to fill a 20GB hard drive then you obviously have enough money not to worry about the added costs of the Elite :)

I just went through all the songs on Marketplace and the biggest I saw for a single song was 62 MB, smallest 14 MB. The average for all individual songs was 30.16 MB

I'd give you a comparison to GH3, but they don't offer many individual tracks. A normal pack download (3 songs) for GH3 is about 60-70 MB


P.s. Just to simplify the math, if you were to download EVERY Rock Band song available right now, you'd only fill 1.47 gigs. And if Rock Band follows it's release schedule, you're looking at only 4.5 gigs a year. And a few hundred dollars of course

02-08-08, 06:07 PM
I've purchased practically all of the DLC available, and my Rock Band system file is right around 1 gb on my PS3. I think that file includes whatever files Rock Band installs in addition to the DLC.
Like I said, all the songs currently available as DLC at this moment is 1.46 gigs worth, so if you've downloaded most and only have 1 GB used that sounds about right- no additional instal files or what not

I know with GH3 on my Xbox 360 the HD usage is completely proportional to the number of songs I've downloaded (17) with no other install files or what not, so I just assume Rock Band is the same


02-08-08, 06:32 PM
Well thanks for the info. So non-Elite Falcon, it shall! :)