View Full Version : My QX9650 on DFI's 680i

02-09-08, 12:14 AM
A while back I posted a thread about a article stating ASUS and DFI would add support for Yorkfield in an future bios release due to their non-reference design. Unfortunately DFI never officially released such a BIOS, however, going by NCSA's configuration on the DFI Club forums I was able to sucessfully boot into windows w/ the QX on DFI's 680i as well.

I'm in the process of testing, and am trying to get the multiplier unlocked, but otherwise everything seems to be fine. Hope to posts some results soon :D


02-09-08, 12:20 AM
What is this NCSA configuration?

02-09-08, 12:30 AM
NCSA is a member of the DFI club forums, and he was the first person I know of that had gotten a QX9650 to run on the board using the 11/15 and 12/21 bios, neither of which said anything about Yorkfield. So I decided to try those bioses, and it worked for me aswell, except unlike him, the unlocked multi still doesn't work for me.

02-09-08, 03:25 PM
Still can't seem to get the multi unlocked. I've gone through a ton of bios flashing and cmos clearing, nothing has worked. Whats really annoying is that if I don't enter the bios after flashing to 12/21, it will boot into windows with a 9.5 multi.

cpuz validation (http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=310629)

Quick '06 run at 333x9.5, too bad its gone now :(

http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/3169/316bm2.th.jpg (http://img201.imageshack.us/my.php?image=316bm2.jpg)