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02-09-08, 03:37 PM
i am looking to a passive HS for my 7800gt and found the zalman vnf100 , i want to know if somebody have succes combine this HeatSink with a asus p5k-vm

i look also for alternative for the 7800gt if i cant found a passive HS , is the 8500gt can perform the same ?
i use windows xp and dont play games and the cpu is a core2duo e6750

thanks for answers

02-09-08, 03:59 PM
is the 8500gt can perform the same ?
Love that sentence :super:

http://xs124.xs.to/xs124/08066/flavour963.jpg (http://xs.to)

You can has an AC Accelero S1, is can run muchly passive:

Do not want can have 8500gt, is can perfom more bad! :thumbdwn:

02-09-08, 04:29 PM
8500gt perform more very bad, get it not

02-09-08, 05:10 PM
i think i write : dont play games

it is mean i do not plan for play game

i admit i forgot to specified i only watch movie

thats wy i ask for the 8500gt

and i need a 0db hs , i have already a nv silincer

and it is to noisy want i watch a movie

02-10-08, 09:43 AM
ati hd range good for movie watch.