View Full Version : Swiftech - Another top notch company :)

02-11-08, 04:18 AM
After managing to bugger my Apogee Drive pump from my Swiftech watercooling kit (I ran the PC with the pump unplugged and the base distorted and leaked :o ), I emailed Swiftech in the US to try and order some replacement parts.

A very kind man called Gabe emailed back saying he would be shipping me a brand new pump free of charge. Even though it was my fault! :D :D :D

So a big thank you to Swiftech. Not only do they make damn good products, their customer support is superb too. :cool:

02-11-08, 03:40 PM
Gabe happens to be the CEO/Owner of Swiftech :lol:

when I stripped the PG-7 plug on my res Gabe mailed me a new one along with some new stuff for free and even showed me how to drill the old plug out :D