View Full Version : Overclock DDR3 with all 4 slots

02-12-08, 07:14 PM
I'm looking to build a new rig with a QX9650 on either the P5E3 Deluxe or Maximus Extreme, and have a question about high frequency DDR3 memory and overclocking.

I plan to get something along the lines of 2x2GB Patriot 1600 DDR3 (PDC34G1600LLK), eventually looking towards filling in the other 2 slots with same.

While not specifically with this memory, I've come across various reports of problems that arise when overclocking and using all 4 slots of DDR3, where the memory frequency might need to be dropped to 1333/1066 to remain stable.

Is this typical? Or are those instabilities more a matter of a need to return to stock memory-speeds?

Would I be able to keep 4 sticks at 1600 on one of these boards, or even bumped to 1800+ and remain stable? Have any of you had success with this?

With prices being what they are, the idea of getting 1600s that cannot maintain 1600 when all 4 are used is unsettling!


02-12-08, 07:30 PM
yes, tho I've heard that if you use only three slots then you oc automatically tripples :headexplode:

02-13-08, 08:07 AM
Burly, I have a p5e3 deluxe with a qx9650 and corsair ddr3-1800. for max overclocks, I would avoid the p5e3 deluxe. It uses intel specs for 1600 and 1800 speed memory. The problem is either raise the clocks or the fsb. but not both. for example, I can only do 450 fsb with 10x multi. that is the max for this board and memory. my best stable oc with vapochill lightspeed ac is 4725mhz. 450fsb 10.5x multi 1800mem. 1.7vcore, 2.0vdimm, 1.65vmch. imo, there are better mb's for half the price of the p5e3 deluxe. And to answer your question, I don't see a problem with running 1600 or 1800 at thier rated speeds. If the memory will not run at it's rated speed, then the memory or the mb bios is bad.