View Full Version : Having Dual Monitor Problems - Help needed :)

02-12-08, 08:29 PM
ok, basically, i got a graphics card off a mate cheap as he upgraded and a monitor for free from somewhere else. lol and having installed the new graphics card it all runs smoothly, no problems. So i thought id take advantage of the dual outputs on the graphics card.

Basically, i set it up in the nVidia control panel, dual display, all works fine, and the second display lights up to indicate a signal, but its all black, its gettin a signal, but its like there nothing there... :\

My Basic System Spec is:

Athlon64 3000
2Gb DDR400
nVidia 7900GT 512Mb
nVidia chipset mobo (cant remember which, lol, i also got this for free)

my main monitor (no problems) is a 21" IBM P202 CRT @ 1600x1200
the secondary monitor (the problematic one) is a 17" Octigen widescreen TFT (some cheap make, but they do have a website atleast lol) @ 1440x900

Now the TFT monitor i have tried on its own and works fine... :\ i had it hooked up to another pc for a while.

Anyone have any info on what could be happening? i could understand if it wasnt receiveing a signal, but it is.. its just like the signal is empty :\

02-12-08, 08:39 PM
my first thought would be to switch the ports they plug into on the graphics card. just for kicks

secondly, update your drivers (i know you said you did, but maybe try again or possibly downgrade?)

try running that monitor all by itself.

lastly, go through windows itself and say extend my desktop onto this monitor.

but just go through and try to eliminate things

02-15-08, 02:41 PM
Cheers for the help got it sorted. Went through everything to no avail, then had another scout around my bios, theres an option for dual monitor support... :\ turned that on and its all fine and swinging. lol

Cheers for the help.

02-15-08, 02:58 PM
This is the first time i see such an option in BIOS. What mobo are you using?

02-15-08, 07:15 PM
its one i got for free off a mate but it has an onbaord gfx chip (nVidia 6100) and turning "dual monitor support" on (even though im using the 2 ports on the 7900GT and not the onboard) worked.. :\ proof all nVidia's stuff actually work and communicate together... :\ lol