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02-12-08, 10:37 PM
Don't know where this came from, never heard of it before but "Worldshift" beta is now available for FP subscribers


December 13, 2007 - An RTS with three factions in a sci-fi setting that doesn't start with StarCraft and end with II? How do you make people care? For the first project under their new Black Inc. label dedicated to hardcore gamers, RTL games (Germany) has a pretty sweet answer. They're taking what they love about the instanced MMO experience and incorporating it into their favorite genre, making the biggest draw of WorldShift the co-op missions.

Playing as either the "cyber demon" Aliens, super-powered Mutants, or the last surviving Humans on a post-apocalyptic plague-ridden near future Earth, up to three can take on these unlockable special locations. The better part of our demo earlier this week was spent checking out how one of these might play out. Participants spawn at three different locations on the map and have to fight their way through environmental fodder as well as map-specific enemies to meet up.

Each player controls a main character, e.g. the Human "Lord Commander," and four officers, plus the rest of their forces. Choosing your officers has strategic importance, as four types are available per race to mix and match as you like. You can further customize your characters by exploring the skill tree as you gain spendable star points and equipping items that bestow buffs or special moves. Items are usually acquired in the event that you meet secondary objectives, like clearing an area within a time limit, and can be earned in any game mode.

Once co-op players reach the teleporters that unite them for their challenge, it's time to fight a huge boss. On the way, you'll run into a smaller, named NPC—the boss's pet. Choosing to kill it will enrage the boss, making it more challenging, but also means a better reward in the end. In this case, the pet was a nasty-looking spider and the big baddy was a towering arachnid-like robot with stubby legs. Ideally one or two team members focus on the main action while the remainder of the party foils the technicians churning out minions. Teleporters are on hand to call in troops left behind as reinforcements, so you can be ready when a flood of enemies, nicknamed the "pet's revenge," shows up after the boss is taken out.


Has sort of an Oddworld/Abe's Oddysee atmosphere/feel to it

950megs big

Download at 31% at the moment. Anyone who has already played care to review?

02-12-08, 11:20 PM
I was checking that out earlier today, looks pretty interesting.

02-13-08, 12:50 AM
Looks pretty ..

02-13-08, 04:27 AM
Definitely a beta, no tutorial, missing sounds, mp is very laggy, unresponsive for a few seconds. I had no idea what I was doing even after playing some of single player game.

It's hard to judge it on this, curiously no crashes, just hardly any polish. Game looks nice but doesn't let you zoom in or out enough to see it

02-13-08, 05:45 AM
those screens look good