View Full Version : Rise and Fall Civilisation at war and vista issue, help

02-13-08, 02:40 PM
Just got this old game off the shelf, brand new for about ten 10 US dollars. Love the grapics and played the demo some time ago on XP.
Now I have Vista Ultimate 64. I install (using all 4 CDs ) THen when I click play I am promted to install extra security libraries for starfoce protection, Did this and I was then prompted to restart the PC. When I did this Vista could not start! Black screen message to put in the Vista CD and repair my OS because Vista could not recognise some unsigned protection bla dee blah..

Has anyone had this issue with Vista? Is there a way around it?

Very Very annoying!!!:(

02-13-08, 06:20 PM
It's Starforce protection drivers, I don't even know if they have a driver that will work in Vista RTM because they suck.

02-13-08, 06:50 PM
they do have an update, and takes 1-2 seconds to apply and reboot