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02-13-08, 03:51 PM
We found another new driver on the world wide web today and thought we'll share it with you, hope that's ok! A lot of you complained yesterday that 64bit users are getting left out so this time, we have both 32-bit and 64bit for you to download! Once again, as always, thanks go out to Electronic Punk for hosting them for us all - thanks man! Anyway, this is what we know so far about this set and what we don't know - please help us by posting comment in this thread once you try them out!

They are dated 1st February 2008, making it the newest set by date yet!
They are also a WHQL'ed international release! (WHQL'ed on 8th of February)
They support most Geforce 6, 7 & 8 cards as well as some Quadro cards.

Please feel free to try 32 bit release by downloading this - http://www.electronicpunk.com/forceware/169.39_WinXP-32bit_WHQL_electronic_punk.exe

or 64 bit release by downloading this - http://www.electronicpunk.com/forceware/169.39_WinXP-64bit_WHQL_electronic_punk.exe

Don't forget to post a comment on these if you try them out!

02-13-08, 04:39 PM
It's starting to get silly with all these versions.

02-13-08, 04:44 PM
^ I Agree its like

v169.25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and so on, its rediclious, im sticking to the nvidias website and waiting for the next offical release, im patient and not raring to upgrade any drivers untill nvidia want me to do so.

Thanks, but no thanks.


02-13-08, 06:04 PM
Get the umbrellas guys, it's raining drivers. (lee63)

02-13-08, 07:32 PM
Nice, but I just installed the 169.38 ones on my xp64, and I really doubt that a 0.01 change will do much.

02-15-08, 03:08 AM
The 169.38 is old... coming from a dead dev-brunch of the 'ugly' 169.2x.
So 169.32 WHQL (8800GS) and 169.61 WHQL (Quadro & 'more') are newer... and finally the 169.39 WHQL is.

No broken panel based AA and current profiles in it.
But it's not for every card out there!

If you would like test this one with nearly all G92 and some G80 you schuld add the INF, I've attached here.
No overwriting, just add...


02-15-08, 01:22 PM
what´s next 188.90?

02-16-08, 09:34 AM
what´s next 188.90?

Thats already out (nana2)

02-17-08, 04:02 AM
System information is broken! (same goes for the Quadro 169.61 whql)
(international version)
You'll get a popup stating "nvdisps" RED X icon and a OK button. When pressed the control panel quits.

02-17-08, 05:20 AM
i can confirm just tried sytem info is broken and the the error and then it quits well back to some other driver set wich was the first really good 8800GTS/GTX/ULTRA driver?