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02-16-08, 06:17 AM
I have P30 at the moment, in P31 there is a stability and overclock update for the quad-core.

But on www.inno3d.com motherboard area it says p30 is latest, they don't update there pages well.

According to everest the bios update page is


Is that the same company as Inno3D? should i use Albatron's NFORCE 680I Bios update? as they seem to keep up to date, i downloaded it and it has a .bin and a .exe i suppose you run that to update.

I think i should stick to inno3d website for updates? but there like wayy out of date, there drivers are so out of date its unbelivable.

What you guys think and what is Albatron?

02-16-08, 07:14 AM
I use XFX for the original Nvidia BIOS updates

02-16-08, 08:51 AM
Do you use the xfx nforce 680i motherboard?

02-16-08, 09:12 AM
Since xfx, evga, inno3d, bfg, etc, all use nvidia reference designs, they share the same bios as well. The only thing that might be different is the logo displayed at boot.

02-16-08, 09:28 AM
Do you guys know where i can find the inno3d p32 update to make a bootable iso and put it on cd and flash to the p32?