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02-16-08, 01:54 PM
I am currently building a gaming PC. I think I picked a good time to do so. My only problem is picking out graphics cards. I want to run SLi. I just recently played some Crysis and COD 4 on my buddies PC and was amazed. I dont want the exact build but wanto match performance if not get better.

He is running a ABIT 680i Wi-Fi MoBo,Intel Q6600 and 2 BFG 8800GTS's. Runs Crysis fine,only time it bogs down a bit(nothing unplayable) is when there are muliple enimies. He has everything maxed out and runs at the 16xx resolution.

My setup is going to be EVGA 680i MoBo and the Intel Q6600. Ive been looking at the EVGA 8800GTS on NewEgg,good prices. Should I just wait for the new 9000 series cards to come out or should I just get the 8800 GTS cards? Either way it will be a couple months,doing the build in stage(money coming in wise)

02-16-08, 02:13 PM
The 680 boards are being phased out, the 9 series is on the way as you mentioned, and the cheaper 45nm quad cores from Intel are due next month. Plus, support for those processors with the NVIDIA 6 series motherboards might be a problem. I'd gather the funds and keep an eye on the hardware world. By the time you're ready there will be some nice new stuff out there, much better than the 680i, Q6600, and 8800GTS 512MB you're eying currently.

02-16-08, 03:07 PM
Agreed. ATM you would be buying old hardware at full price. If you wait a bit you can get some of the new hardware, or the current hardware at a lower price.

02-17-08, 03:14 PM
Would the 780i boards be good to get? I was eyeing some 780i boards,little more $$$ but they seem to have provissions for upgrades(3 way SLi when software becomes compatable).

I figured I was going to wait on the video cards but what benifit would the 45nm processors have over the current processors? Im into computers but Ive never been one to dive deep into all the reason why to get something. I usually go by reviews and or testing results of products after doing research.