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02-18-08, 02:41 PM


Most fishermen claim that the tastiest fish is the one you catch yourself. Japanese gamers now have the chance to test this theory as they catch real fish through their mobile phones!

A mobile game called "Ippon Zuri" (Japanese for "pole-and-line fishing") has the players casting bait to virtual fishes on their mobile phone. When a fish catches the bait, the player gets to turn the wheels of a virtual slot machine once, and if he lucks out, the virtual fish is hooked and reeled. A message is then sent to a wholesaler who delivers an equivalent real-world fish to the player's home.

The game was created by FIT, a Fukuoka-based system development company. FIT president Hiromi Fukuda suggests that Ippon Zuri is more enjoyable than other fishing games because it allows players to eat what they catch.

Clicky (http://www.megagames.com/news/html/console/japaneseplayerscatchrealfishesthroughmobile.shtml)

02-18-08, 02:43 PM

i would prefer to go out and actually catch it myself

02-18-08, 02:45 PM

i would prefer to go out and actually catch it myself

LMAO, exactly ... i do little angling my self from time to time ..... this sounds alitle "fishy" though. :p

I wonder if the fish is dead or alive when it arrives?

02-18-08, 02:59 PM
Wow, an entire country of nerds :D

(no offense. I like Japan. Being a gamer in Japan is more accepted. In the US people think you need to grow up. At work I try not to talk about my gaming addiction.)

02-18-08, 05:18 PM
hmm do we have to pay for fish shipping?


02-19-08, 02:40 AM

i would prefer to go out and actually catch it myself

+1, real world fishing is relaxing and wonderful, I love it.

02-19-08, 07:30 AM
once it gets a bit warmer outsite I will go fishing at least 5-7 times a month. Usually i go to this lake that is close by.

02-19-08, 08:06 AM
so the fish is free? :bleh:
then we have an answear to the hunger problem in third world countries!
Get them a mobile+the game and they will have fresh fish every day! problem solved

02-19-08, 09:27 AM
Maybe some of the WOW gold farmers will move over to fish farming instead now.
Grinding for fish.

02-19-08, 09:34 AM
Better than grinding with or on the fish...