View Full Version : Once again Umatsuo proves he is one of the greats

02-18-08, 10:17 PM
Almost done with Disc 2, I think, of Lost Odyssey, and so far, the thing that stands out the most for me is the music score. Perhaps it has been awhile since I heard his composition, but I nearly forgot what a hell of a job an unbelievably good musical score can do to immerse you in the game. Of all the games recently, LO has done what most other games in quite some time have failed to do. Umatsuo once again proves he is heads and shoulders above 95% of the composers out there.

Many games have great soundtracks, but it's pretty rare (at least for me) for a game's soundtrack to go beyond that. The man is an absolute genius when it comes to composing music that can actually convey the mood of each scene.

02-18-08, 10:57 PM
Did it make you cry?

02-18-08, 11:06 PM
I love his scores on the old Final Fantasy games... It's hard for me to still play those games, but I still listen to the music. Amazing stuff.

02-18-08, 11:16 PM
His best work is in Chrono Trigger.

02-19-08, 04:15 AM
Didn't he do Chrono Cross as well?

He did a few of the tracks, and possibly helped out with others IIRC, otherwise it was all Yasunori Mitsuda. The roll was reversed in Chrono Trigger. He did some of the songs while Nobuo Uematsu did most of the OST.

http://img131.imageshack.us/img131/5499/picture1eh2.th.png (http://img131.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picture1eh2.png)

02-19-08, 10:12 AM
He's up there, but my favorite is Motoi Sakuraba. He did Shining Force 3 and the Golden Sun games, among others.

02-19-08, 11:54 AM
Did it make you cry?

Yes. I had to hold myself in those moments. :headexplode:

02-19-08, 07:10 PM
Umatsuo is quite the talent, yes. his work on the Final Fantasy series was most impressive.