View Full Version : What do you use to mount a 80mm fan to a heatsink?

02-20-08, 04:55 PM
I got an 8500gt with only a heatsink attached and I want to mount an 80mm fan to it because it gets really hot. What is a good way of mounting the fan to the heatsink? Do you use special clips or can you just glue it somehow? Whats the best way or the easiest way? Thanks for the help.

02-20-08, 05:11 PM
What is a good way of mounting the fan to the heatsink? Do you use special clips or can you just glue it somehow?
Just use your man spunk like any real man :D
Or is yours not sticky enough?

02-20-08, 05:20 PM
You might be able to loop some zip ties underneath and attach it that way.

Exactly what card is it?
http://www.dollarshops.eu/mec/images/Sparkle_Technology/SF-PC85GT256U2_main.jpg ?

http://www.ewaggle.com/photos/EN8500GT%20SILENT-fslash-HTP-fslash-256M-2T.jpg ?

Depending on the fins you could also use screws.

02-20-08, 07:38 PM
I thought you had an 8800GT because of your sig.

You could always screw it on if it's got fins on the heat sink, like XDanger said.

Do you have the MSI, Gigabyte, or EVGA passive cooling card?

02-25-08, 07:17 AM
That card that I have resembles the one shown in the link. If I use screws where would i mount them on the heat sink? It doesnt really look like there is a place to mount it to.


02-25-08, 07:20 AM
Scotch tape?

02-25-08, 07:42 AM
The heatsink is aluminum so it's easy to work with, if the fins are just slightly more narrow then the mounting holse on the fan, it should be no problem to just force screws in to place. Just check your hardware store so you get a good size.

Or you could make a "card cooler" :)

This one is easy, and you dont damage the heatsink fins.

Take an old network card for example and remove the Mounting Bracket.
Pound it flat so it's not "L" shaped anymore, now you can attatch a fan to it and just secure it beneth the GFX card.
When i made mine I used those thin white plastic straps you would use to organise cables with to secure the fan to the mounting bracket.
I made this one back when I had a passive cooled GF3ti 200 for some OCign :)
And it migrated up a few generations to the 6800 card I had for some extra cooling.

02-25-08, 07:52 AM
How is screws not the answer?

02-25-08, 08:01 AM
if the width of the fins are greater then the mounting holes on the fan ... then you have to bring out the powertools hehe. Personally I wouldnt mess with the stock hsf, should the card break and you have warranty on it..

02-26-08, 01:47 PM
Erecta Set :)

Or just buy a slot cooler, That way you aren't recirculating hot airs

02-26-08, 02:16 PM
Alcohol? Oh heh...oops, sorry.


02-27-08, 07:24 PM
I used some small gauge wire to attach my fan on my heat sink .that way you don't have to use screws and maybe mess up your warranty.

02-27-08, 08:02 PM
Alcohol? Oh heh...oops, sorry.

I see what you did there. :bleh:

02-27-08, 09:12 PM
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