View Full Version : Services.exe terminated unexpectedly

02-21-08, 07:53 AM
Guys I've got a brain buster here at work. One of our laptops that's connected to our network (highly secure *I would assume*) that basically has been out of comission for a broken LCD panel for the last couple of months finally is repaired and I've got it at the login screen sitting hooked into our network to recieve SMS updates.

About every hour or so, if I bump the mouse to bring it out of standby mode, it gives me the error message saying that services.exe terminated unexpecetedly with a status code of -1 and gives a minute before manditory reboot.

Usually when the machine wants to reboot it's because it got an update but usually never shows anything about services.exe crashing.

I've run across a lot of potential solutions on various support forums including running the sasser and blaster fix (both came up clean), norton AV is up to date and found nothing out of the ordinary, 4 different spyware programs all come back with a clean bill of health as well.

I can't find on google what the -1 error code status means so I'm wondering if any of you guys might know.

Thanks for any help. I'm just going to continue to leave it plugged in and eventually, if the updates ARE causing this error, it should stop as there are only so many updates it can get. Meanwhile, I'll wait for the SMS admins and other network admins to chime in with a possible answer.