View Full Version : Commodore 64 Boots up on Virtual Console

02-21-08, 08:40 AM

Wow! I didn't expect this. There's quite a few C64 games that I enjoyed that I hope to see make it onto the VC

Off the top of my head:
Summer Games
Racing Destruction Set
Mail Order Monsters
Beach Head (I and II)
Action Biker
Bruce Lee

I wonder how this would work being a lot of the companies from that time no longer exist.

02-21-08, 09:25 AM
That's what emulators are for.

02-21-08, 04:56 PM
Zork I on the Wii...Sweet...errr...wait...

On a serious note, there were a ton of games that I loved playing on my commie 64....A game of Hardball anyone? Not into baseball? Let's go skate with a little 720. Wasn't Karataka on the C-64 as well? Interesting...