View Full Version : Has anyone tried making an eboot for psp? (psx games)

02-22-08, 09:40 AM
Ok, I OWN, wipeout 3, still, for psx. I put the disk in and made an iso out of it, then I downloaded a prog to convert the iso to eboot so it's playable on psp.

Sound is not working no matter what I try. Its a pal version, Ive tried converting it using the pal to ntsc convert, nothing. Ive kept it pal, nothing, Ive changed the gameID to wipeout 3, nothing.

The game itself works fine, but absolutely no music. I get the sound effects of the crowd and vehicles, but no music, when I go to option in-game, it says " music tracks : random" and I cant change it off of random, its stuck there.

Can this maybe be an emulator problem or am I doing something wrong in the conversion?

All other eboots have music, but I didnt convert those. This is the first one I'm trying to convert.