View Full Version : Patriot a no-go on i965 :( help me finds some good 4-4-4-15 6400 please

02-27-08, 02:58 PM
I was already to buy the nice 4-4-4-12 patriot rams when I noticed ,"Not compatible with your sad act board"
http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Memory/DDR2/DDR2+800+%28PC6400%29/Patriot+4GB+PC2-6400+C4+Extreme+Performance+%282x2GB%29+?productId =29114
Patriot do make ram that is compatible but they dont sell em here :(

My current 4gb of Corsair ram is all up on ebay atm so I need to make a decision.

Im looking at these
http://www.patriotmemory.com/products/detailp.jsp?prodline=5&catid=17&prodgroupid=38&id=680&type=1 Patriot again but I dont hold out much hope


http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Memory/DDR2/DDR2+800+%28PC6400%29/Corsair+2GB+PC2-6400+C4+XMS2+DHX+%282x1GB%29+?operation=shoppingCa rtAdd&productId=27053&context=

02-28-08, 02:28 PM
I think im wanting the LLK and not the ELKs

02-28-08, 06:34 PM
i dont see a reason why it wouldnt be compatible. if in doubt, grab some crucial ram.

02-29-08, 01:24 PM
I wanted 8gb and the 2x2gb patriots that are dirt cheap first dont like the chipset and secondly have to run at low timings to use 8gb :(
Im going to try some OCZ that someone said they used @1200 on a p5b but reports are VERY mixed with some batches being crap.

k Am about to order these http://www.ebuyer.com/product/116755