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02-27-08, 07:38 PM
official word has not yet arrived. if the following details are indeed true, however, the possibilities with PlayStation Home in the coming years will be tremendous.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
"According to our sources, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune comes to Home armed with a side-scrolling 2D arcade game, described to us as reminiscent of both Contra and Out Of This World. Sounds kind of like Capcom's 2D remake of Bionic Commando in its execution, full of enemies and exploding barrels to shoot. Sony is apparently pitching features like these to developers to extend the lives of their titles, using strong first and second party development showcases to prove that Home can effectively market outside of traditional means."

Resistance: Fall of Man
"One of the first games expected to shine in one of Home's series of game portals is Insomniac's Resistance: Fall of Man. Resistance is said to provide Home visitors with an interesting room to explore, one that will let PlayStation 3 owners visit unseen areas of the game and tap into bonus content in the form of 'intercepted' radio communications between European and U.S. forces. These hidden transmissions will help to flesh out the Resistance story, giving players a better understanding of the game's conflict. We hear that Home avatars will have free roam of unpopulated levels, not unlike a virtual Resistance museum."

"Using a three-dimensional 'sand table' replication of the level, Warhawk players are said to be able to lay out their strategies in a properly scaled space. They'll even be able to place little army men avatars around the map to envision their formations, something we hope they can also do with teeny tiny Warhawk planes, tanks and Jeeps."

02-27-08, 09:35 PM
This is the kinda stuff Sony needs for Home. Doesn't seem like just a 3D myspace environment now does it?

02-27-08, 09:39 PM
If these features hold true as what each game promises, this will definately add replay value to alot of the older titles on PS3, and even urge people who've yet to own games like Resistance or Uncharted to want to purchase in the near future

Mr. Hunt
02-27-08, 09:59 PM
Yeah they sound cool... hope MGS4 has something awesome (MG1 and 2 maybe?).

02-27-08, 10:35 PM
With stuff like this Home will require a 20Gig+ install size. :(

02-28-08, 01:05 AM
With stuff like this Home will require a 20Gig+ install size. :(
I hope not. Didn't they say home was a 500mb download?

02-28-08, 09:40 AM
With stuff like this Home will require a 20Gig+ install size. :(

I don't think it will. If you think about it, since this content will be tied to the game the only time it'll be present is if the game disc is in the drive. So it would most likely only cache the data to the drive then. For example the Resistance museum thing, it would only need the basic executable file, then maybe a few custom models, but the rest of the assets would come from the disc. I think the same could apply to say a drake 2d game (which would probably be a hybrid 2d/3d say side scroller). All the assets like the player character and NPC and exploding barrels, etc..., will come from the game disc. The downloadable content would consist only of the game executable, and some 2d backgrounds and the levels.

I want them to do a shooting gallery for Heavenly Sword!! :) I loved that motion controlling aspect of the game.

02-29-08, 04:14 AM
Playstation Home on a ps3 near you 2011! :lol:

02-29-08, 03:08 PM
I hope not. Didn't they say home was a 500mb download?

Looking at the screen shots and functionality being touted, 500meg is not going to be enough to do what they want to.

02-29-08, 03:58 PM
I believe Sony mentioned 500mb as a base install, with additional optional downloads going forward as the service evolves.

I picked up a 250gb 2.5" from Best buy a couple of months back for about $80 in preparation just in case I need the space for something like this.