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02-28-08, 04:17 AM
Just bought a 7600GS AGP and am being informed that either there is insufficient power or to ensure that the supplementary power connector is attached. And that the card is running at a lower performance to protect it.

The card is plugged into the AGP Port. The power supply is 350 watts and don't recall seeing anything that resembles an additonal power supply.

There is a cable with one connector at one end and three the other end.

Can you offer a novice some help please?


02-28-08, 04:54 AM
I would expect a molex connector in the back of the card to supply that extra power it requests of you,

but after searching for some images on 7600gs cards, they dont seem to have that extra power connector in the back, but some do (they might just be 7600GT however)

Agp not supplying enugh juice ? odd

02-28-08, 12:26 PM
I don't own a 7600GS. However, looking at a few examples at www.newegg.com, they use a 4 pin Molex connector for additional power. (That's the same power connector used by IDE hard drives, CD burners, etc.)

None of this is covered in a manual or installation instructions?

I guess that the cable you describe is for connection to a TV.

If you're short on 4 pin connectors, you can probably use a Y adapter to get another one. Some manufacturers are obliging enough to include one. If not, they're inexpensive. They may be wildly overpriced at the big retailers - Best Buy, Circuit City. Radio Shack has them online for $6:


I suggest them in the hope that they'd have the same price in a store. Even $6 is high, but you don't want to pay shipping on an item that should sell for a dollar or two.

02-28-08, 04:20 PM
don't forget that some cards rely on that extra molex to the board itself. in addition to the 24/20 pin and 8/4 pin cpu power cables. look to see if you have one of those and give it a try

02-29-08, 02:19 PM
Thanks for that. I have taken the board back out and yes, there is a 4-pin Molex power socket on the back of the card. Just remembered, also, that the Power Supply is 480W not 350W, so plenty of power there then.

Now, this socket looks like it takes the same size power lead direct from the Power Supply? As you say, the same type as those leads going into my HD's, CD-DVD Recorders, etc. So, presumably, plugging in a spare power lead will solve the problem? (If I had a spare power lead!)

This problem has arisen because I did not receive a Power Lead with the Card; if I had, I'd have sorted where it went when I fitted it!

Thanks again.