View Full Version : Audio & Mouse stuttering problem

03-02-08, 03:45 AM
Hi all

I have the following problem. Every 30 or so the mouse and audio is stuttering for about 1 or 2 seconds. My video card is a 8800 gtx. I found out the the problem only occures when i install the video driver. If I deinstall the video driver everything is good.

I tried differents drivers.

- older ones (bad performace / no stuttering)
- newest 169.21 (good performance / stuttering)

Someone can me help here ? Maybe a tweak or so...


03-02-08, 08:57 AM
Download and run the free system latency checker available at http://www.thesycon.de/eng/free_download.shtml . What does it tell you?

03-05-08, 12:41 PM
thx for the information. thats the result (attachement)
What can I do now ? I know that the video card driver causes the latency.

thx for your help.