View Full Version : Is the 8800GTX supposed to half the frame rate with vsync?

03-04-08, 03:40 AM
I have a 8800GTX and it is not halving the framerate with vsync on when it cant meet the refresh rate.

I am trying to determine if my 8800GTX is a bad card and needs RMA.

Say I am playing a game with a refreshrate of 100 with vsync, with my 7600GT if it cant meet the 100FPS it instantly halves to 50.

My 8800GTX wont do this and is causing problems.

Is this normal for a 8800GTX or are they supposed to halve?

03-04-08, 03:54 AM
Do you have Triple Buffering enabled in the control panel? Also, I believe you have to have VSync ON for TB to work.

03-04-08, 04:35 AM
It does it with or without triple buffering.

But my 7600GT will halve and the 8800GTX wont. In the same games same settings.

Is there is something built into the 8800GTX or does it handle vsync differently?

The 8800GTX should be halving?

03-04-08, 04:39 AM
Ive actually noticed the same on my 8800GT, i always use Vsync, so I expect fps to drop to 30 during slowdowns, but it might show as 55 or some other odd number using either ingame FPS command or FPS logging with Rivatuner, I notice this in many games when I start to push the limits.

So I dont think your card is faulty on that department. Prolly just some new Tech feature of 8xxx series ive not red about yet.

At first i was unsure that V-Sync was even forced on or not, but it is, and I saw no screentearing, however ive not done any extensive testing yet. Maybe another member here knows more about this.