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03-05-08, 07:43 AM
I am trying to diagnose a random shutdown issue on my HTPC. It will randomly shutdown as if someone pulled the plug on it. It is 100% stable otherwise.

I did have an EVGA Nforce4 SLI board in it which I upgraded from a 3500+ Winchester to a 3800x2 Toledo. That's when the issue started. It also uses Bluetooth wireless for a Microsoft keyboard and mouse through a Microsoft USB Bluetooth dongle (hehe). There is a wireless G card in it, which was a DLink, but now is a Buffalo. It also has one of those super USB reader things in the front for memory cards, etc.

I thought the motherboard was croaking, so I got a new one from Carl. It is the Epox Nforce4 Ultra. I did a basic swap and still had the same exact issue. I started looking deeper into what it could be and tried disabling USB 2.0 and running just 1.1 instead and so far it hasn't had any random shutdowns.

The thing is, I ran the exact system before with the EVGA SLI board and a Manchester 3800x2 with USB 2.0 enabled and had no issues at all. I did not have USB Bluetooth or Wireless G on the board at that time though. I also read about a lot of USB 2.0 issues on Nforce4s, which leads me to believe it is a USB issue more than a compatibility issue.

Right now, it is 100% stable and not randomly shutting down, but I have only USB 1.1 running. I would really like to use 2.0 for the memory card reader. Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

I will try to test it without the Bluetooth dongle (hehe) and without the Wireless G when I find the time.

edit: Including spec below and correction to what core the x2 is.

HTPC Spec:
AMD 3800x2 Toledo core @ 2.0 (default)
Epox EP-9NPA+ULTRA Nforce4 Ultra board, Carl edition (was EVGA NF41 from old build)
2x1gb Patriot PC3200 (default speed, timings are right, used in old build)
EVGA 7800GT (default speed, used in old build)
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
Highpoint RocketRAID 100 (used in old build)
2x 160gb WD drives (new)
Pioneer DVDROM
USB 2.0 Card Reader (new)
Buffalo Wireless G PCI card (was Dlink wireless G, new)
Microsoft Bluetooth KBM Combo
Enermax 460 watt PSU (used in old build)
XP Pro SP2 (used in old build)

All BIOS and drivers are up to date.

03-05-08, 07:46 AM
is the HDD a WD?

my nforce board did that with WD HDD, replaced it for seagate and problem stopped.

03-05-08, 07:55 AM
The hard drives are 2-WD 160s in RAID0 on Highpoint RocketRAID PCI card. The only onboard drive controller in use is for 1 DVDROM. The RAID card was used in my previous build, but with 2-Maxtor 40s.