View Full Version : Choosing A SATA Controller

03-05-08, 06:29 PM
Currently I have a Syba SATA raid contoller, but I want to replace it because I believe that it is the cause of a long series of problems that keep popping up on my SATA drives. I bought it simply because it was cheap and appearred to serve the basic needs, but some comments that I have received in the past regarding this seems to support my previous thoughts.

I have been looking for a new choice, but it seems that the more that I read, the more I get confused. As might be expected, I want the most bang for the buck ($50-$100). I want raid, but I also want to be able to connect a single harddrive or optical drive without any problems. It would be nice to have an external SATA connection and a internal PATA connector, but these are optional. As far as the reaid levels, the more the better, but 0 & ! are required.

Above all else, dependability is paramount. The crux of the question is how to judge this...brand name, price or ?. I don't imagine that there are any concise or definitive answer(s) to my question, but any and all inputs will be appreciated.