View Full Version : HTPC Problems

03-05-08, 09:04 PM
Ok guys, first off I'll start off by mentioned the specs:

AMD 3600+
Foxconn NF4UK8Aa-8EKRS
3 x 320gb sata HDDs
1 20gb IDE HDD (OS - Windows Media Center 2005)
Geforce 6800 Ultra

The computer lately has been acting really weird. It originally started with the audio not being right on our movies. For instance, when you watch Shoot Em Up all the audio will be fine as far as explosions and sound effects but no dialog is audible. That started happening for both divx movies and HD mkv (720p & 1080p) files.

Then, hard drives started randomly disconnecting and reappearing. So I found the problem very strange so I figured today I would go ahead and update the motherboard bios for the hell of it. So i go ahead and rip my floppy drive out of this comp and take it over to the HTPC and plug it in but I get nothing. No power light, nothing. I've tried both floppy power cables with the same results.

So, now I figure maybe it's a PSU problem. The drives aren't getting enough power possibly? Before I go ahead and get another power supply, do any of you guys have any ideas on what it could be?

Also, I went and ahead and reinstalled new audio drivers, video drivers, and also a new codec pack.