View Full Version : Thermaltake DuOrb on a Gigabyte 8800GT

03-08-08, 10:36 AM
Just in case anyone was wondering....

I bought a Gigabyte 8800GT with the factory installed Zalman VF700-AlCu about a month ago. It came factory OC'd at 700 core, 1700 shader and 1900 memory. Overall it's a good card and I'm quite happy with it.

With the Zalman installed AND with my case (see sig), I was getting about 48-50C at idle, 67-73C with playing games (Crysis benchmark) and 84-85C using the Fur 3D stress test from oZone3D.net with factory OC ONLY.

I figured this was still better than the reference design so I was happy to let it be. But then I was at a local pc store and they had the DuOrb on sale for $35 (http://thermaltakeusa.com/product/Cooler/VGAnCHIPnMEM/CL-G0102/cl-g0102.asp). So I figured why not, if I don't like it I could just take it back (as long as I didn't use the memory heat sinks, which was ok since I had some others on there already).

New temps with the DuOrb attached are 38-40C idle, 46-49C with game play (again I used the Crysis benchmark for this), 55-57C with rthdribl (I never used this with the Zalman), and 60-63C with the Fur stress test. Oh ya... this was with an additional OC of 770 core, 1800 shader and 1950 memory (for some reason if I so much as go 2000 on the memory the whole system locks up).

So I obviously kept the DuOrb. Anyway, just in case some of you were sitting on the fence. And yes... I know this is probalby not quite as good as the Thermalake HR-03, but that thing is huge and about $20 more plus the cost of a fan($10+) on top of that.

03-08-08, 10:48 AM
I've installed those on a couple of different cards now and they do work great and I agree, the HR-03 might work better but what a huge hunk of pure ugliness :thumbdwn:

03-08-08, 02:22 PM
The only thing I don't like about the DuOrb is the 4-pin molex power connector. I went ahead and did a little rewiring and cut and reconnected into my video cards connector. Can't even tell I did it. Other than that I really like TT's HS. It's very comparable to Zalman's VF1000 which has 4 shorter heatpipes instead of the 2 longer ones. I've seen it for as cheap as $45 plus shipping. I think you can't go wrong with either one.