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From CNET News.com:


“As far back as 2005, Microsoft executives knew that confusing hardware requirements for the Windows Vista Capable program might get them in trouble. But they did it anyway--over the objection of PC makers--at the behest of Intel, according to e-mails released as part of a class-action lawsuit pending against Microsoft.

In early 2006, Intel's Renee James, vice president and general manager of Intel's software and solutions group, was able to prevail on Microsoft's Will Poole to change the proposed requirements for Microsoft's proposed "Vista Ready" marketing program to include an older integrated graphics chipset that couldn't run Vista's Aero interface. At the time, Intel was worried that it wouldn't be able to ship the more advanced 945 chispet, which was capable of running Aero, in step with Microsoft's proposed schedule for the introduction of the marketing upgrade plan.

This led to the creation of the "Vista Capable" logo, which is the reason Microsoft is now in court, facing a class-action lawsuit on the part of PC owners who bought so-called Vista Capable machines in late 2006 only to find those machines could only run Vista Basic, which doesn't feature the Aero interface. The potential for confusion was well-understood both outside the company, as noted here in this CNET News.com story from March 2006, and within the company, as multiple e-mail threads reveal.

A treasure trove of e-mails has been released as part of that case, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Todd Bishop has spotlighted a number of e-mails that call into question whether Microsoft was acting, at least in part, on Intel's behalf when it set the requirements for the Vista Capable marketing program. (Read all the e-mails released by the court in this PDF.) Several pages of e-mails were redacted by the court. All e-mails quoted in this report were taken verbatim, typos and all, from a PDF file put together by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in a blog posted by Bishop yesterday.

"In the end, we lowered the requirement to help Intel make their quarterly earnings so they could continue to sell motherboards with the 915 graphics embedded," Microsoft's John Kalkman wrote in a February 2007 e-mail to Scott Di Valerio, who at the time managed Microsoft's relationships with the PC companies and recently took a job with Lenovo. The change took place in January 2006, and was formally rolled out by Poole, currently corporate vice president of Microsoft's unlimited potential group, without the knowledge of Jim Allchin, the now-departed Microsoft executive who was supposed to be in charge of Vista's development.

Intel forced Microsoft to lower its standards

Late Friday night our time a big story broke that involves a bunch of leaked emails from inside Microsoft where chaps such as Steven Sinofsky (Sr. VP, Windows) emailed Steve Ballmer (CEO) with claims that Intel 945 “barely” works with Vista. He also advised that classifying 915 as Vista capable is a bad call.

Microsoft lowered the Vista requirement after which even Intel 's 915 chipset qualified for Vista and one of the group managers described this as a tragedy and that “Based on objective criteria that exist today for capable even a piece of junk will qualify.” These are brave words from Anantha Kancherla (Group Program Manager...Direct X development).

Microsoft lowered the targets and made 915 as Vista capable and everyone knows that this chipset cannot even run the Aero interface. Intel 945 can barely run the same interface that is the most appealing feature of Vista, while things gets better with 965 chipset and higher.

This is going to help the class action against Microsoft's Vista capable program and it will definitely start a big inquiry in business standards.

This is the first time in years that such a big deal becomes a public matter and we know that Intel and big guys such as HP and Dell are almost completely controlling the markets and basically can force whatever they want or cause companies big losses.

You can read http://www.news.com/8301-13579_3-9883439-37.html .

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Interesting read

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Was already posted in the open forum some time ago. :)

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This was plain stupid to do on microsofts and intels part

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heh, its a good thing that it didn't effect anyone browsing these forums :p

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This was plain stupid to do on microsofts and intels part

Especially on MS side, they always could ignore the favor asked by Intel and say to Intel, we already set our requirements

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heh, its a good thing that it didn't effect anyone browsing these forums :p

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