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03-10-08, 12:30 PM
I have just changed over my HD and put in a WD 500GB SATA HDD, but I want to add another WD 320GB SATA HDD has a backup but on my MB "GA N680SLI-DQ6" there are four Purple GSATA ports and 6 yellow SATAII ports but I don't want to use both drives in RAID so what ports do I use Yellow or Purple?

I am using the Purple port for GSATAII 0 for WD 500GB and GSATAII 1 for the DVD burner. I read somewhere if I use it this way I lose the Performance of the WD. @3gb/s because it shares the two ports when burning or downloading or should I move it to GSATAII 3 port for the DVD burner so it don't share.

Or put the DVD burner on the Yellow SATAII 0 port with the 320GB on SATAII 1 port?

I just find on the back of a SATA Drive there is a white plug do it mean it can be a slave?

Can you answer these problems!!!!