View Full Version : Did I purchased a "Broken" product?

03-12-08, 01:25 AM
Yesterday I brought my X-fi Elite pro, when I back to home, installed it, I notice that my speaker produce some "Cranker" or some kind of "Noise", I am sure that this is not my speaker's problem because when I change back to my old card (XtremeMusic), my speakers jusr working fine, I already tried reinstall the drivers, but my speaker still produce some kind of "Noise", even in games and just in the sound testing, did I purchased a broken item? or something just I didnt know?
Please help me to slove this problem, thanks! :)

My Spec:
CPU: E6600@3.2G
Memory: 4GB of RAM
Display card: inno3d 8800gtx
SoundCard: X-fi Elite Pro ( XtremeMusic as a backup card now )
OS: Vista Ultimate 64-bit
ETC: Logitech G15 keyboard + G7 mouse