View Full Version : Set custom resolution in Doom 3? Also other games?

03-12-08, 04:40 AM
I'd really like to run Doom 3 at my hdtv's native resolution. That's right, I haven't finished the game yet, and would like to do so on my nice 26" living room LCD. Native resolution appears to be 1280x720, not a choice in hardly any game.

So how do I set custom resolutions in this game?

I'd aslo like to do the same for Call of Duty 1, RTCW-ET, 2007 EA Sports games, and a few others.

Any hints/tips?


03-12-08, 05:12 AM

All resolution tweaks can be found on that amazing site, or alternatively on www.tweakguides.com for games he actually makes a guide for.

I know Doom 3 is a simple .ini file alteration away from running in any resolution you want.