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03-12-08, 06:47 PM
Intel Quad Core q6700
2x1g Kingston 1333 DDR3 (dualchnnld at 1066)
EVGA GeForce 8800Ultra KO (@636)
WestDigi 7200 rpm 320g
WestDigi 7200 rpm 250g
Asus PK53 Deluxe mobo
CoolerMasterEclipse HSF
Thermaltake Kandalf Tower (3 fans. airflow cooling.)
Thermaltake Toughpower 700w ps
1 cdvdrw drive.
no floppy (heh)

The HDD with Vista im warrantying out... it broke.. So I replaced the 70gb raptor with a 320g hdd. Just bought/installed it yesterday.
And I will not be including Vista in the sale, this way you can choose whether you want 32/64bit...

Everything works fine... No problems with anything other than that harddrive that broke.
The rig was assembled in AUGUST
It's purpose was to run Crysis on Very High settings at a reasonable framerate/reso... It did that just fine at 1280x1024.

After much time off of school, I am deciding to attend college... and I will be needing a Laptop... plus having already beat Crysis on Delta time and time again... I am no longer in need of the Graphical Abilities I built this rig for... I'm also doing a lot of travel... I'd like to get my WIFI on, lol.

2700 OBO

Please feel free to PM me, and ask ANY questions you like...

I've purchased/sold for a long time on the internet. My car is one of those purchases...

My ebay account is PerminentPsycho , and I'm rated at 100% perfect feedback.

I hope I'm not forgetting anything...

I am officially registered to sell on this website :)

03-12-08, 06:49 PM
I'll ship it any way you ask me! (Together/Parted)

and will most likely will include shipping in the sale price. :)