View Full Version : New Antec Nine Hundred arrived!

03-14-08, 03:53 PM
Ok so my new antec 900 arrived today, all installed fine, i took the 120MM from the back and put it on the side pannel, i replaced the back 120mm slot with a non-neon\LED AKASA 120mm Amber series fan to replace the exhaust fan, now my issue was here that my Ultra 120-eXtreme did not fit so i turned it on its side! ... still with the 120mm fan on my 120-eXtreme the side did not fit on with the 120mm fan on the side pannel getting in the way! .... i had to put the 120mm fan on my 120-eXtreme on the top sucking back into my case although i would have rater has the 120mm on the bottom sucking up to the big 200mm top fan! .... now basically my issue is this! ..... for my GFX card the temps are great! with my old case it was at like 51c idle, with this antec im now at 39c - 40c idle, my CPU temps however have not changed at all! ... before 35c idle, with the new antec 35c idle!.... when i removed the cpu heatsink maby i should have put a fresh layer of AS5 on, instead i just re-spread the old stuff, take in mind we have two small children so we have the central heating on so the house if pretty warm so i know the overall temps are warmer that they actually should be right now!(take a look at the pic below, do you think the there is any other way of setting this up that could help dropp the cpu tmps alittle more?)