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03-15-08, 08:15 AM
Ok i got my new rig setup and running. Sadly my net capped half way through the updates, so i managed to get all the XP/Drivers updated. I got some kinda intel chipset driver form intels site..it ran...didn't see anything installing...but the issue i have atm is with CoD4.

I have a 7950GX2, i ran CS Source/VST / HL2 EP2 and i see gains across them all, i also see it in CoD4..the problem is that when eva i move forward or shoot..the FPS hits rock bottom..then when i stop....boom sky rockets up again....When i unload a clip..fps goes from 200s to 30..when it reloads..it goes upto 200+/etc...when i move forward..it starts slowing down...

I have the Steam version of CoD4. I didn't have this issue before in my old rig..i am not sure what it the problem is..but i have a strange feeling its the onboard sound drivers..it has to be some kinda driver related issue...

I have tried,

-Different Drivers for nvidia & Audio. Currently forceware 169.91 (very nice drivers Quadro)

-Thought it was the G15 Keyboard...no luck changed it/etc.

-Thought it was heat related somewhere...across everything it is fine...and nice and low...

-I am atm trying to google for a -no sound input line to maybe try get cod4 to load with no sound...

-Disable SLI/etc....nothing.

It is very strange..i love the game..and i want to play it, i can see really big improvements to the FPS just from the upgrade but still keeping my old GPU ><

I have attached a picture maybe that might help..



Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6
2GB DDR2-800 Corsare (4-4-4-12)
CoD4 is on the 500GB Partition Seagate 7200.11
E6850 (3Ghz) + 9700NT Zalman.

No overclocking.

PLEASE help...

As you can see...first shot...195fps..then shoot...fps kaput...

This has to be some kinda driver issue...or something..and its driving me insane lol.

03-15-08, 06:53 PM

Hmm...is that ok? The GX2 is on IRQ 16/17, 16 is with alot of other things..

03-15-08, 08:01 PM

03-15-08, 08:15 PM
I can help you...

hitting brick wall for many hours

03-15-08, 09:26 PM
Hmm..just installed Crysis. No updates still 1.0 (patch is too big for capped net speed to download.

First level island starting area..i am sitting arround 50fps~ all medium cept for textures/etc all high...when i move the mouse arround..it still says 40-50..but it moves like...4-10 fps..

Is there some setting that is changing the way mouse works? I remember reading it somewhere..ages ago....

03-15-08, 10:24 PM
Ok this is just very strange...

I went into a corner...and press/hold W (i cant go anywhere) and my FPS drops to 37....when i let go...it starts going back to 120~...

WTF?! -.-....

03-15-08, 11:21 PM
Well i tried alot of things. I even tried disabling most of the USB Ports and trying PS2 to get the game running...in the end nothing worked and i have pretty much given up...man really wanted to play cod4 on the new pc since its alot smoother...as long as nothing is moving in the dam screen...

I am not sure what is going on...

Does anyone know how to disable the sound in CoD4? When i disable sound completely and try running cod4 the game crashes.

It seems when eva i shoot like for example with the r700...and then he reloads the next bullet...i get a small sound stutter and a huge fps drop...this is why i think it could be just something related to the sound driver/realtek hd driver...this is so frustrating aaarg -.-

03-16-08, 05:27 AM
Problem fixed. It seem putting it on the second PCI-E fixed it...

Wow it even put my VST now nearly 300FPS...thats doubled from my old A64 3700 lol...

Which was 142FPS~ and on pci-e 1 it gave me 270...on the second slot 300FPS