View Full Version : harddrive wont show up on my computer

03-18-08, 07:35 PM
I just installed a 500GB HD on my pc and and it shows up on my Divice manager but not on my "Computer" my old 150GB HD Shows but not the 500 could someone help? Thanx for all the help i am very greatfull

03-18-08, 08:41 PM
Right click my computer, goto manage, goto disk management and you'll see the new drive listed, simply right click and I believe the option is new volume. That will launch a wizard to prepare the new drive for windows.

03-19-08, 12:27 AM
I had the same problem, posted a thread about it a few months back, it should answer all of your questions:thumbsup:

03-20-08, 03:47 PM
Thanx guys shows up just fine