View Full Version : I think my Power Supply is failing.

03-18-08, 10:18 PM
Antec Smart Power 2.0 500 Watts
939 Opteron 185
8800 GTS 320
2 Gigglybtes of Ramming
Audigy 2ZS
2 IDE burnable optical drives

I tried starting up ut3 before and the comp gave me a blue screen of death, had to reboot. Tried it again, the comp rebooted, Tried it again, the comp totally shut down.

After it initially shut down, I waited a minute then tried to power back on. All that happened was that the case fan didn't even make a single rotation. I waited an hour and just now tried powering it back on after taking some stuff off. It powered on, so I put everything back. The comp started up, almost got into windows then the comp shut down.

Other symptoms:

1.) The PS emits a rather annoying high pitched squeal, it's been doing this for a few months now.

2.) Also for a few months, the usb ports have been wacky. One day my Razer Death Adder stopped working, I figured that it had died but when I turned off the USB desk lamp I had, it started working again. I've had the desk lamp disconnected for a while now, but I had to shut off my Death Adders' led because then my usb keyboard would stop working. Even until today, the keyboards led back lighting was never as bright as it used to be.

Since I don't have access to a new ps or a new mobo, I'm trying to narrow it down to a single component. I'm leaning towards the ps since whenever I tried to access UT3, it would load, then shutdown the comp. Perhaps the ps couldn't get the required power anymore thus the shutdown?


03-19-08, 12:01 AM
I had the same issue with previous Antec True Power 2.0 550W power supply failed a few months ago after it failed to power up using power button but the motherboard led light was on. I replaced it with Antec Neo HE 550W power supply and everything worked perfect, I RMAed the faulty power supply, it has 5 years warranty when bought in 2005, now 2 years left. Received new replacement but never tried so I decided to keep it until the new power supply fail. :)

03-19-08, 01:46 AM
Arg, I'm sorry, it's actually the Smart Power 2.0

Hows the one you have now? Is it modular?

I'm thinking about getting the CORSAIR CMPSU-520HX since it seems to be very highly rated on almost every site I look at. But the one thing that concerns me is that some people are having heating issues with that ps and my 8800gts gets really hot even under idle conditions.

03-19-08, 03:02 AM
Yes Antec Neo HE is modular and has very silient fan made no sound, never got too hot compared to old Antec True Power 2.0 that were too hot and the fan made some noise but not very silient.

03-19-08, 05:35 AM
I had an old PSU fail on me with an older rig i had (amd Tbred 2400+ with GF6800)

The oddest things happend. Harddrives failed to powerup, I realised I could only have two IDE devices connected at any given time (i used to have 4hdds and the DVDrw). One day I noticed the CPU fan had stopped. When using monitor software (mbm5/samurize) I noticed the cpu fan would stop everytime I ejected the DVDrw... soon after the psu just died hehe.

You could try to do some test runs as I did with a bare minimum of devices connected.
I removed DVD player and HDDs. Only then could I play EQ2 without any issues.
My advice however, if you suspect your PSU, dont push your luck, worse case scenario is you damage the mobo or anything connected to it.

I borrowed a PSU to test with, and then everything was fine again with everything connected.

03-19-08, 03:02 PM
a lot of the older antecs actually up until very recently have a very high failure rate so i'm not surprised that youre antec psu is failing