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03-19-08, 10:24 PM
Ok, so my friends got an old computer and he wants me to turn it into a home server.

Theres several computers around the house, and he wants to be able to have them all able to access the server and his files from any of the computers in his house.

Where do I start? I really don't know much about networking.

Edit: Also wants all computers to print on the same printer.

03-20-08, 09:38 AM
what is this server going to be used for?

03-20-08, 09:57 AM
what is this server going to be used for?

Just stuff like pictures and backing up the computers, and he wants to have all the computers print from the same place.

03-20-08, 04:54 PM
An XP machine should do if you have one around (Pro would be preferable over Home). Vista Business would also do. Just run the networking wizards, install the printers to that PC, share the printers and any folders. You'll be set. Sharing is easy, just right click and go to share.

03-23-08, 08:12 PM