View Full Version : Locking XP with new SBLive

04-30-03, 01:20 AM
I have a Jetway 266b board with a VIA KT266/A,KT333 chipset, with a GF4 ti4600, and an Athlon 1800+. To replace the crappy onboard AC97 I bought a SBLive, yet when I try boot up with it in to install it the P.C. hangs,(just as it says"detected SBLive"). I've turned off the onboard, i've tried it in every PCI slot but no difference.

Anyone with ANY ideas ?????

All comments accepted gratefully..............

04-30-03, 05:34 AM
Only one suggestion: Go into you BIOS and change the PnP OS setting, or resources controlled by OS. What ever setting it has, try the other.

I'm feeling sorry for you, trying to get better sound by buying a SBLive. I disabled my SBLive and went back to onboard AC97 to make my system stable. SBLive just creates problems. I could basically select my driver version to select which type of problem or crash I preferred. If possible, take back that card, get something else (I won't recommend anything, but a net search should get you the info). The only thing I recommend is not getting a Creative Labs product. Even if you go for a Audigy 2, don't expect them to be updating the drivers next month when you discover another problem.