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What lines do i have to add to the .inf file to run driver 174.53? I'm running a 8800GTS card and vista 32 bit.

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thanks, i know i could download a set but i would like to use the ones from the nvidia site and just edit the nv_displyinf file,instead of downloading one allready modded.

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all the codes are listed here


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What lines do i have to add to the .inf file to run driver 174.53? I'm running a 8800GTS card and vista 32 bit.

I've been asking myself the same question lately, with all the new drivers popping up, and you end up wondering what these sites do to the INFs, and whether or not they know what they're doing, or just cutting and pasting, so I set out to figure it out myself. Basically, I downloaded the 174.53s and the 169.44s from nVidia's site, and I started comparing them, and this is what I eventually came up with. Fortunately I have experience programming in various programming languages, so I'm familiar with the concepts of variables, strings, references and such. I'm using the 174.53s with my modded INF right now on my 8800GTS in Vista 64. The lines below are pulled from my modded INF, I'll try to explain where they go in the INF at the end.

%NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0193.1% = nv_NV3x, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0193 <--I Added this from the 169.44 INF
%NVIDIA_G92.DEV_0604.1% = nv_G9x, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0604
%NVIDIA_G94.DEV_0622.1% = nv_G9x_HD, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0622

I then noticed that the nv_NV3x was being made reference to in the 169.44s so I decided that similar references also need to be made in the 174.53s, but I also noticed that there were slight differences in the 169.44s lines for nv_NV3x and the 174.53s lines that made reference to nv_G9x(one of the cards supported by the 174.53s), so I had to be careful that If I was pulling over sections of 169.44, I needed to make sure that every reference in that snippet was preserved in the 174.53 so I cut and pasted what you see below from the 169.44 INF to the 174.53s INF, and made some changes to it also. I'll try to explain after the snippet

Include = msdv.inf <--This did not appear in the 174.53 INF anywhere #1
FeatureScore = F6
CopyFiles = nv.KMode, nv.UMode, nv.UModeWoW, nv.OpenGL, nv.OpenGLWoW, nv.Panel, nv.Uninstall, nv.Help, nv.PanelClient, nv.PanelWoW
AddReg = nv_SoftwareDeviceSettings
AddReg = nv_icdSoftwareSettings
AddReg = Default16BPP_AddReg <--This did not appear in the 174.53 INF anywhere #2
AddReg = nv_ControlPanelSettings
AddReg = Uninstall_AddReg
AddReg = EvictionThreshold_AddReg
AddReg = nv_DX10_addreg
DelReg = nv_ClearRegistrySwitches
RegisterDlls = nv.RegisterDlls

CopyFiles = nv.CoInstaller
AddReg = nv_CoInstaller_AddReg

AddService = nvlddmkm, 0x00000002, nv_Service_Inst
AddService = nvsvc,, nv_Service_Inst_2 <--This did not appear in the 169.44 INF #3

MaximumDeviceMemoryConfiguration = 128
MaximumNumberOfDevices = 4

Okay, #1 seems to be a reference to another INF file already on my computer that seems to handle various settings for other video devices. I'm not entirely sure why it's there or what it does, but I figured I should include it since the 169.44s made reference to it for my particular video card. #2 seems to be registry settings that are added to the registry when the driver gets installed, but this line and these settings appear nowhere in the original 174.53 INF. You'll see later that I pasted the registry settings from the 169.44 INF. #3 is a service that gets installed in the 174.53 driver, but appears nowhere in the 169.44 INF, so I decided to add this line in the nv_nv3x.Services section since other parts of 174.53's INF made reference to it and it seemed that it may be necessary for the 174.53 driver to function correctly.

HKR,, "DefaultSettings.BitsPerPel",%REG_DWORD%,16 <--This is the registry setting I mentioned above which appears in the 169.44 driver but not the 174.53

; Non-Localizable Strings
REG_SZ = 0x00000000
REG_MULTI_SZ = 0x00010000
REG_EXPAND_SZ = 0x00020000
REG_BINARY = 0x00000001
REG_DWORD = 0x00010001
REG_SZ_APPEND = 0x00010008

; Localizable Strings
NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0193.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS" <--I added this from the 169.44 INF
NVIDIA_G92.DEV_0604.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2"
NVIDIA_G94.DEV_0622.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT"
NVUninstall.desc = "NVIDIA Display Driver"
DiskID1 = "NVIDIA Windows Vista x64 Driver Library Installation Disk 1"
NVSVC.name = "NVIDIA Display Driver Service"
NVSVC.desc = "Provides system and desktop level support to the NVIDIA display driver"

OK, to try to make it easy for you to know where this stuff gets put into the INF, I supplied the section name in the snippets that I posted, and you can compare them to the original INFs that I used to make this mod. Also, the <-- and anything that appears immediately after it is a comment and should not be included in the INF. Anything in a snippet without the <-- after it, is how it appears in the original INF file for 174.53 unless I stated that the entire snippet was added by me to the 174.53 INF, which is the case for the snippet that applies to the nv_NV3x section. I hope I didn't confuse you too much, and if there are any problems with what I did in this post, I'd greatly appreciate any input from a more knowledgeable modder.

Edit: One more thing, I change the .cat file to .old because I wasn't sure how the installer would react to the modded INF, and I'd rather the installer just give me the Non-WHQL pop up confirmation box, than see what happend by leaving the .cat file in there.

03-25-08, 12:21 PM
Thanks for the reply i will read over this and try it later,.I used to have to mod for my old card i had so i have a pretty good idea what i have todo,Just didn't know which lines were needing editing

Only Question IS everything i need to add the same for 32Bit vista?

03-25-08, 01:13 PM
Thanks for the reply i will read over this and try it later,.I used to have to mod for my old card i had so i have a pretty good idea what i have todo,Just didn't know which lines were needing editing

Only Question IS everything i need to add the same for 32Bit vista?

Very good question. I haven't checked that myself. I would assume it's very similar, and the basic ideas should apply, but I'd definitely make sure there aren't any differences. Thinking about it, I'd assume that the only differences are the inclusion of the 64bit versions of the driver files, and the changes I made don't affect what files are included in the install, but I'd make sure just the same.

03-25-08, 04:07 PM
I think therare a number of significant differences between the 32-bit and 64-bit infs. Apart from the section at the top, it looks as if the registry entries as well as the actual files installed are quite different.

I wouldn't try to make a 32-bit INF from a 64-bit INF.

03-25-08, 05:01 PM
@ Flying_Elbow: you're mostly correct. However, I would'nt use the parameters based on a 169.xx driver for a 174.xx driver. While it will work, some features may get broken (e.g. HDCP for HD video). I would use the parameters based on a 174.xx driver that already supports all cards, such as 174.20 or preferably 174.70. You'll notice that for G92 8800s (GT, GTS 512, GS) use "nv4_G9x" and G80 8800s (GTX, GTS, Ultra) use "nv4_G8x" starting w/ the 174 series instead of the old "nv_NV3x" path. Also, you can just delete the WHQL .cat file because anytime you mod the INF, the result would be the same as if it were a Beta driver.

03-25-08, 05:05 PM
thanks alot for your help,trying to help me flying elbow. However it didn't work for me guess cause its 64 vs 32.Anyway i got brave and download a set of 174xx drivers and all i can say is WOW, it has helped allot.TF2 is running allot better!! Frame rate not much better but the game is running better

03-26-08, 02:22 AM
Just put the "%NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0193.1% = nv_NV3x, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0193" string under
"[NVIDIA.Mfg.NTamd64.6.0]", but make sure to change the nv_NV3X to nv_G9x.

Then you also have to put in the string "NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0193.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS"" under localized strings(end of the inf), for the name of the card to appear correctly.

If you add the nv_nv3x strings from an older driver set, all of the new features in the drivers won't work and hdcp will be broken.

And if you don't want to do it yourself there's already a modded inf for your card in the official 174.53 thread. :)