View Full Version : Will Dell ever offer AMD processors?

04-30-03, 11:40 AM
Well? Do you think they will offer AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Opteron processors?

04-30-03, 02:41 PM
Not as long as Intel pay them to sell only Intel cpus :p

04-30-03, 04:27 PM
Dell is considering Opterons for their servers, and if they are succesful then Dell will consider selling Athlon 64s for the home/office market, its not Intel paying them, its what the average consumer will buy, only Intel, grandma has never heard of AMD so when she wants a computer she will buy Intel because shes heard about it before. :nana:

04-30-03, 05:44 PM
Intel gives them a lot of 'incentives' so it may not be 'pay' but its virtually the same thing if not.

04-30-03, 05:56 PM
dell is not considering amd cpu's for desktops for consumers @ this time...

dell will however consider amd opterons for server operations because the bottom line is important to michael dell :)

the incentives are not the only reason for dell to work with intel...

they have a fabulous working relationship with intel... specially in the server department and therefore they are highly likely to keep using intel processors over amd cpu's...

except of course in the server department and even that is no guarantee... AFAIK they have just recently started working on some setups using opterons..

bear in mind that to date dell could not use amd's because amd AFAIK was limited to dual processor whereas intel could provide quad and 8 processor setups... which dell was basing their designs on...

05-04-03, 07:42 AM
dell pcs are crap* anyway. They aint cheap either.

My dell p4 at work had soo many problems with the official dell drivers. (all sound ran too fast, HD's in PIO mode)

My advice would be to build your own. You'll get it cheaper, and you'll learn about your pc more at the same time.

* My opinion after working with them.

The Baron
05-04-03, 10:37 AM
You know what sucks more than Dell PCs? Dell support.

24/7 service and support MY ASS.

My bro has a Dell laptop that he got for free for being a National Merit winner at the University of Alabama. He's chugging along one night and gets an email telling him to install a certain WinXP patch. He goes to the Dell site and gets it. Well.. after that, his computer BSODs on startup. I mess with it for about an hour and a half over VNC trying to replace the processr.sys file with the original one from SP1, to no avail. He calls Dell, gives them his special support number (which in theory gives you prioritiy), and he sits on hold for 90 minutes. Since he desperately needs to type a paper, he waits. When the guy picks up, he tells him that he was transferred incorrectly and that he would have to be put on hold again. My bro starts screaming (to his credit ;) ). Immediately, he's put on hold again for 90 minutes. After that, he just goes to a computer lab at midnight and types the damn thing there.

The next day, he reinstalls Windows, and it boots. Kinda. It runs at about 1/8 normal speed. He installs SP1, same thing. Brings it over, and I run sfc. Boom, life is peachy. Heh.

So once again, Dell can kiss my ass. And probably the ass of my brother as well.

05-04-03, 10:51 AM
dell desktops are made to a different specification from dell servers :)

dell outsources many components of its desktop division and generally do a decent job overall in terms of the package offered for the price it is...

I personally build all my computers and those of my friends but I don't see much out there beyond dell in terms of performance for the money...

since I don't use tech support I would not know about it... :) but 90 minutes per call seems a little on the long side...

however... back on topic :)

the server division is working on opteron solutions like I said previously as well as intel solutions... some problems with the new 800mhz fsb processors in multiple cpu configuration but they are working on a solution :)