View Full Version : How to force the usage of a specific monitor driver??

03-25-08, 08:18 AM
During the installation of Vista SP1, I have run into the following problem with the nvidia driver 169.25. The problem seems to be this: During the installation of Vista SP1, I was asked for the driver for my monitor, a Sony GDM-W900 which Vista no longer has in it's install library. So Vista did not install a driver. The result is that I cannot assign a display profile to the monitor in the color managment settings.

If I look in the display properties, the monitor is not named at all. Usually you see something like "Generic Non plug and play monitor of Gforce 800GTX". All that is displayed is "on Gforce 8800BTX" . If I look in the nvidia control panel the monitor is identified as a Sony GDM-W900.

If I look in the device manager, it is clear that the monitor is not installed. So if I scan for hardware changes, it will detect my monitor and add it as a generic non plug and play monitor" and then everything is OK. The color managment works and everything is great.
In the nvidia control panel, it identifies the monitor as a non plug and play monitor.
However, when I reboot and go back into Vista, the monitor is no longer listed and in the nvidia control panel it shows the monitor as the Sony GDM W900.
It seems that the nvidia drivers are resetting the monitor type and Vista doesn't know about it.
I don't know what to do at this moment. Somehow, I need to get the nvidia driver to stop using it's own monitor detection and let vista use it's Generic monitor driver. Anyone know how?