View Full Version : UT99 + GeForceFX = flickering wall textures

03-26-08, 01:39 PM
Has anyone else seen how textures will pop into place in some areas? LavaGiant is particularly noticeable, with the rock face missing textures. It looks like a hidden surface removal bug because the textures are behind other parts of the terrain but don't get drawn quite soon enough as they come into view.

Strangely, both the old v436 D3D renderer and Chris Donhal's OpenGL renderer do the same thing. So I'm guessing that this means it's some sort of GeForce driver or hardware issue.

This is a retrorig running a P3 1400MHz and a GFFX 5950 w/ 56.64 drivers under Win98SE.

03-26-08, 01:53 PM
You might want to download rivatuner and see if any of the D3D or OpenGL settings have any effect on the flickering.

I remember having problems like this in some games for a very long time. Battlefield 1942 had it on certain maps with a bunch of different video cards. I'm not sure if I ever fixed it.

Maybe just do a google search too if you haven't already.

03-26-08, 02:01 PM
Do you have UT99 patched? I remember with my old 5900 non ultra I got flickering and weird slowdowns until I downloaded the last patch they made for the game. I think there's also some nvidia specific hotfix patch for the game as well you might want to look into. (google)

03-26-08, 02:50 PM
download this and set glide as your api in UT and you should be golden, 100% "the way it was meant to be played"... on 3dfx.

03-26-08, 02:54 PM
[edit : snipped stuff didn't read correctly...]

I had a 5900 in the past and I never had any problems with UT99...

Sounds like it could be drivers...