View Full Version : R* got community in ASS?

03-26-08, 06:35 PM
SA-MP managed to set several milestones during development. We were the first to get 100 players in to an action/free-roam world during the SA-MP 0.1 beta testing. During the 0.2 beta testing, we managed to double this limit to 200 players. The most popular SA-MP servers are usually full with 100-150 players every day. Each weekend, SA-MP peaks at just over 8000 concurrent players. We have clocked over 6 million downloads. According to XFire, we have also helped to keep the PC version of GTA: San Andreas close to, or within, the top 20 of all online PC games. Not to mention, we have pulled this off without any assistance from the developers of the game.


I think developers of SA MP made great job and also helped R to sell more games cause you need original game to play online. It is sad that R* have gamers and community in deep hole and do nothing to help them. They waste big potential that is in PC gaming. A lot of modders made great job keeping this game alive making new cars, mods and levels without any Rockstar help. Maybe they too busy on getting cash from console players SHAME ROCKSTAR SHAME!

03-26-08, 07:12 PM
From what I've heard SA-MP is still fairly buggy. They are not the only ones to have a GTA multiplayer client either. There is GTAT and MTA. I've been playing around with the new MTA and it seems to be working pretty well. Either way it's a moot point with GTA 4 less than a month away.

03-26-08, 07:20 PM
Yeah but those dev also had no support from R*. Yeah GTA IV is comming but it will be on PC and if it will be on PC will Rockstar help moders? At least some SDK. I know a lot of moders that are not going to buy next gen to play this game they want GTA 4 on PC and mod it.