View Full Version : A Freebie for My GHIII Wii Troubles

03-26-08, 10:25 PM
Today a package arrived on my front porch, and inside was a faceplate (kind of a cool one, too) for my guitar. A note inside stated that Activision/RedOctane sent it to me to thank me for the trouble I had to go through to get my Wii GHIII disc replaced (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=108554) (due to the mono issue).

It's not much, but I was impressed a little bit.

03-27-08, 12:18 AM
Should have bought a PS3.

03-27-08, 12:35 AM
I really like teh Wii. Hope to get a PS3 someday.

03-31-08, 04:21 AM
I got it too. Very nice of them.

03-31-08, 06:19 AM
I was under the impression Wii only supports Dolby Prologic II ... not DD.


Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Wii Replacement Disc Claim Form

We understand that some consumers have not been able to enjoy the full audio output in the Wii version of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Activision has worked with Nintendo to remaster the game and provide a replacement disc to consumers with Dolby digital surround sound and other consumers experiencing audio issues.

Could someone clarify please ?

Why someone would release a game in mono to begin with is beyond me...

03-31-08, 06:27 AM
That's right. It's Prologic II just as the Gamecube was.

03-31-08, 06:35 AM
Thats a shame, Prologic can work but most times I think it dosent, it's no substitute for the real deal. It did work fairly good in Wind Waker I think.

03-31-08, 07:17 AM
Prologic II isn't too bad. The lack of a proper LFE channel does it hurt a bit, but atleast the rear channel is Stereo unlike Prologic I where it was just a mono rear channel.

03-31-08, 07:42 AM
Well seing as your reciever has to interpret a stereo source and then upmix it, it get's wrong sometimes. ie: a sound effect in the rear can be affected by the background music and appear in the wrong place of sound space. Atlest that is what I notice from Prologic 2 games quite often.
My creative reciever features prologic 2 decoding with two profiles (movies and music), it's so so. My Harman Kardon supports it too but with there own version (logic 7, it's basicly Prologic 2, also with two profiles). They work but as they affect everything that comes thro the speakers, the sound image gets a bit blurry and inaccurate.
I thought for sure the Wii atleast had digital sound out.