View Full Version : HP Recovery CD Creation How Do I make one without paying HP?

03-27-08, 06:08 AM
I recently purchased a new HP Pavilion notebook PC Model: DV9000. At the point of sale HP offered to sale me an HP Recovery CD which I turned down. Can't I make my own? I think all that it is from what I recall is a CD-R Disc. So how would I make a complete recovery HP CD from my Windows Vista Ultimate Edition x64? Why pay HP more money if it's just a burnable CD-R disc which could be done by the valid end-user?

03-27-08, 09:10 AM
id make an image of your drive and then back it up to disc.

then just use Norton Ghost or a similar product to restore it.

03-27-08, 09:39 AM
i use the build in Windows Vista (only Ultimate, maybe business, not on crapy Home Premium) back-up option.

Back-up the C drive to external hdd. If i have to restore input vista disc, go to restore, point to the location, wait 10 minutes and restored.

no additional programs to buy