View Full Version : Gainward Expertool 3.07

04-30-03, 07:13 PM
It says it oc's the memory to 1100mhz and the GPU to 600mhz, has anyone tried it and run 3dmark with the memory at 1100 and gotten better results? I thought the memory was locked?

04-30-03, 11:46 PM
Maybe it does oc it.
I cannot find anything that works.
I have a PNY card.
I can OC my core. I run it at 560. That is max I can push it.
Anymore and it will down clock durning games and benches.

05-01-03, 08:09 AM
That's weird because the "enhanced mode" settings for my card are still 500/1000. But I can move the slider to 600/1100 if that's what you meant. I haven't done any testing with overclocking this card and frankly, I don't have much desire to.