View Full Version : I miss Novalogic Mig29, F22, F16 type of games...

03-30-08, 11:36 AM
Those were awesome games, multiplayer even more fun. I really miss these type of games. Flight Simulator is nice but for most gamers it's a crap...cause there is no fun there.
I'm just installing vmware player (Windows 98) under Vista and since i have these games i will play it a bit today. I heard novalogic novaworld servers are still up and there are a lot of people playing :) i will give it a try.

03-30-08, 12:04 PM
If I recall Novalogic is working on a new Delta Force game. Hoping it is as fun as the original. :)

bob saget
03-30-08, 12:54 PM
loved the old delta force games. the single-player was so hard though :(, i was young, but still...